“We have the opportunity to recover and rebuild a Montgomery County that is stronger, healthier, more prosperous, equitable and sustainable than the one we had before COVID-19.” 
Tom Hucker
County Council President

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"MCEA is excited to extend the Apple Ballot recommendations toTom Hucker for reelection to County Council District 5. Tom has been a leader on the council on education issues such as the reduction of class size, the need for universal pre-k, and affordable childcare in Montgomery County. We enthusiastically look forward to continuing our relationship with Tom. "
“Tom Hucker has demonstrated experience, ability, and commitment to forging local solutions to environmental problems and climate disruption, at both the state and county level. As a state legislator, he had a stellar 98% League of Conservation Voters rating. As a councilmember in his first term, Hucker sponsored legislation to encourage the growth of urban farms and ban pesticides and is taking the lead to facilitate solar expansion, including community solar, in the County.”
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"Tom Hucker stands shoulder to shoulder with our members on multiple issues, but it is at moments of true crisis that a leader really shows their stripes. Tom's extraordinary response to the crisis of the Flower Branch explosion reveals that he has not just the commitment, but also the heart, to fight tirelessly for immigrant families in Montgomery County."
“Low-wage workers and immigrants have an effective and reliable champion with Tom Hucker, who understands they contribute greatly to our communities and economy,” said 32BJ SEIU Vice President Jaime Contreras. “His strong leadership was integral to defeating lobbyists’ efforts to further weaken or delay Montgomery County’s $15 minimum wage.”
"Tom Hucker has been a tireless advocate for the residents of District 5. From championing a stricter schedule of apartment inspections following the deadly Flower Branch explosion to pushing for a $15 minimum wage, his support for the Latino and immigrant communities has never wavered."
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"We appreciate Tom Hucker's tireless commitment to advancing and protecting the interests and civil rights of Maryland's LGBTQ community."
"Registered nurses are excited to endorse Tom Hucker for the Montgomery County Council, because he wholeheartedly shares nurses values and are committed to patient safety, working families and health care justice."
LiUNA Baltimore/Washington District Council
"With his many years of public service and strong commitment to workers’ rights, Tom Hucker is uniquely suited to serve as Montgomery County’s District 5 Councilmember."
"[Tom] has earned a reputation for being very responsive to constituents and has supported neighborhood organizers in pedestrian safety initiatives, most recently on Dale Drive and at the Forest Glen metro station. He has withstood significant community opposition to the Better BRT proposal to support the implementation of BRT in dedicated lanes on Route 29 and has been a proponent of the Purple Line since his time in the state house."

Chris Van Hollen

"If you look at Tom Hucker's record, yes, he's passionate about these issues, but you can be as passionate as you want about an issue, you can have a great idea, but if you don't know how to organize and translate that idea into action and changing laws, it's just going to sit there on the table. And that's what Tom Hucker has done so well."

Jamie Raskin

"We have a proven progressive leader representing District 5 on the County Council. I've worked with Tom over the last decade and I have seen his relentless drive to turn our progressive values into real wins for working families and for our environment. Join me in voting for Tom Hucker."

Ike Leggett

"I enthusiastically endorse Tom Hucker for re-election to the County Council. As our District 5 Councilmember, Tom has been an effective progressive leader who has fought to shrink class size, fight voter suppression efforts, strengthen our transportation system and support our small businesses. He has my full support."

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Tom Hucker's Record & Vision

Tom's entire career has focused on making government more responsive and effective–first as a community organizer and environmental advocate and then as founder of Progressive Maryland. Tom's devotion to public service prompted him to become a state legislator and Montgomery County Councilmember in District 5.

"Let's keep fighting for our strong progressive values."

East County

In East County, Tom exposed and defeated Republican voter suppression efforts to close down the Burtonsville early voting center. He voted to create a new first-class bus line on U.S. 29, fought to fund the long-delayed Burtonsville Access Road, and won the fight the reopen and renovate the shuttered Maydale Nature Center.

Silver Spring

In downtown Silver Spring, Tom saved free weekend and evening parking, sponsored legislation to save Koiner Farm from development, and created “Silver Screens,” the annual free outdoor summer movie series with AFI. Tom also led the fight to fund the pedestrian tunnel under Georgia Avenue at Forest Glen, as well as safety improvements for pedestrians and cyclists.

Takoma Park

Tom has worked closely with Mayor Kate Stewart to win funding for the first 24-7 paramedic at the Takoma Park Fire Station and to keep the Piney Branch pool open, and fought to protect low-income tenants on New Hampshire Avenue. Tom also helped expand such groundbreaking city policies as restricting cancer-causing pesticides and banning polystyrene.

White Oak & Hillandale

Redevelopment in White Oak promises to bring much needed amenities and work opportunities, but Tom knows local residents need an advocate to ensure the benefits of development reach everyone. That’s why he worked to ensure developers would have to pay more to fund additional transportation needs. Tom also successfully fought for the long overdue renovation of Hillandale park and neighborhood repaving.

Protected Our Environment

As the Council’s lead for the environment, Tom has successfully passed bills to expand our parks, protect our drinking water, increase recycling, and expand solar energy. While the Trump administration actively undermines efforts to fight climate change, Tom has fought to reduce emissions and is helping lead the County’s drive to be carbon-free.

Expanded Paid Leave

As the District 5 Councilmember, Tom helped lead the fight to guarantee paid sick leave for all workers in Montgomery County. He later expanded that law so that new parents, including adoptive and same-sex couples, could use paid leave for their families.

Fought for Transit Funding

Tom believes every community deserves safe, sustainable, and effective transit solutions. He held Larry Hogan and the GOP accountable for Purple Line funding, successfully expanded Ride-On Express on US-29 starting May 2018, proposed and got funding for BRT on New Hampshire, and has helped champion the Coalition to Fix MD 198 and funding for the long-delayed Burtonsville Access Road.

Defended People’s Rights

As Councilmember, Tom flagged and successfully stopped Republican attempts to suppress votes in East County and stood up to developers to protect urban agriculture like Koiner Farm. Following the tragic Flower Branch apartment explosion in Long Branch, Tom worked with organizations like CASA de Maryland and Montgomery Housing Partnership to support renters and immigrant families who had been affected. Tom also voted to expand renter protections, access to family leave for same-sex couples, and the needs of returning citizens.

Strengthened Our Schools

In his first Council term, Tom successfully fought to reduce the achievement gap, invest in high-quality pre-k and reduce class sizes. He voted to establish new after-school and full-day Head Start programs in our elementary schools so every child has a chance to succeed.

Raised the Minimum Wage

Too many members of our community live paycheck to paycheck. Tom’s vote to raise the minimum wage to $15/hour will go a long way towards helping hardworking Marylanders pay their rent and bills while buying food for their families.

Tackled Neighborhood Needs

During the recession, many of District 5’s neighborhood streets and sidewalks fell into disrepair. Tom helped secure funding for desperately needed repaving and expanded access to safe pedestrian routes. In addition, Tom successfully passed a bill to hold banks and negligent home owners financially accountable for foreclosed and blighted properties, helping neighbors get a much needed tool to address these dangerous and dilapidated properties.

Supported Public Safety

As a member of the Public Safety committee, Tom has helped secure resources for  paramedics and firefighters in District 5 and championed the expanded use of body cameras. A leader against human trafficking, Tom passed legislation enabling police to have the tools they need to target traffickers and facilitated joint hearings on additional resources needed to fight this rising issue in Montgomery County.

On a Mission to Leave No One Behind

While the Trump administration continues to wreak havoc across our country, Tom is committed to making government work for everyone.

Every Child Deserves the Best

Our public schools are our most valuable and worthwhile investment in our future. As Councilmember, Tom has fought for unprecedented funding and support for Montgomery County schools. Tom is committed to expanding affordable high-quality pre-k and child care programs and has been a leading advocate for identifying new funding resources to support access for our youngest learners.  We know that 90 percent of a child’s brain development happens before age 5. That’s why Tom led successful efforts to win millions in federal funding to expand high-quality pre-k. Tom will keep fighting to ensure that our children are primed for success from the beginning to the end.

Tom knows that Montgomery County needs to collect more revenue from developers. That’s why, time after time, Tom has voted to hike taxes on developers to make sure that they are paying their fair share toward our schools and transportation improvements.

When 98-year old Charlie Koiner was in danger of losing his farm in downtown Silver Spring, Tom Hucker passed legislation to help our community’s urban farms thrive.

White Oak Science Gateway

The White Oak Science Gateway Master Plan was passed before Tom joined the Council. I helped fight to require phasing in the general development agreement (p. 31) that requires the developer to build at least 300,000 square feet of commercial before more than 1,000 residential units can be built. This helps ensure that the development doesn’t become all residential and it provides additional commercial/retail options for local residents.

White Oak is also unique in that it is the first of the County’s Local Area Transportation Improvement Programs (LATIP). This program requires developers to pay both impact taxes and a $5,000 fee for each new trip that their projects generates. The County Executive had initially proposed setting the fee at $3,800 per trip, but Tom voted to raise it 31% to pay for the $101 million in transportation improvements needed in the White Oak area. The Viva White Oak project also includes land that is being dedicated for a new elementary school site, which is something the County and MCPS are looking for in other areas as well.

Land Dedication for Montgomery County Public Schools

In Rock Spring, White Flint 2 and Grosvenor, the Council included language in the plans that requires Planning staff to prioritize land dedication for schools when they are conducting development approvals. The other checks we have to ensure that development doesn’t outpace infrastructure can be found in the Subdivision Staging Policy (SSP), which institutes development moratoriums in areas with schools whose enrollments are more than 120% of their capacity. The SSP used to require that entire school clusters be over 120% capacity to go into moratorium, but the 2016 version that Tom voted for allows for moratoriums at the individual school level.

Transportation & Development

On the transportation side, the Council has been requiring higher auto-driver mode share goals (NADMS). In the Bethesda Plan, for example, we capped new development at 2 million square feet out of a possible 4 million (p. 45) until the NADMS goal of 55% is met (p. 8). This means that 55% of Bethesda residents and commuters must be pedestrians, bicyclists or transit users. You can read the Bethesda Annual Monitoring Report here.  

Lyttonsville Sector Plan

When the County Council passed the Lyttonsville Sector Plan, the Purple Line was still under legal challenge and we were not sure it was moving ahead. Neighbors were concerned that development would proceed even if the Purple Line continued to be stalled. Tom fought for a successful amendment halting development until the Purple Line was approved for construction.

No One Left Behind

Tom believes the only path to prosperity for Montgomery County is when our local economy works for everyone. That’s why Tom is laser-focused on the needs of working families, local businesses, and sustainable industries. If re-elected, Tom will continue to fight for the policies that ensure economic opportunity, living wages, and work with dignity for all of our county’s hard-working residents.

Leading the Nation in Sustainability 

As a member of the Transportation, Infrastructure, Energy and Environment Committee, Tom is very focused on improving the county’s air, water and land; promoting greener public policies; investing in our infrastructure networks; and fostering smart growth and healthier and more sustainable communities. As the Council’s lead for the Environment, Tom is fully committed to reaching the County’s ambition to being Carbon-free by 2035. Tom is also pushing for important regulations to protect our most vulnerable from dangerous pollutants and contaminants. If re-elected, Tom will seek to conduct lead testing in all MCPS schools, continue cleaning up our County’s streams and water sources, and finding ways to expand access to renewable energy and sustainable development.

Building Transit for Now & the Future

One of Tom’s most crucial priorities is championing transit infrastructure that works for everyone, now and in the future. That’s why Tom will continue to fight for a financially and environmentally sustainable transit system that champions complete streets for all. From working to ease traffic congestion to reducing vehicle miles traveled overall through sustainable development and diverse transit solutions, Tom believes the diverse needs of District 5 residents must be central to the County’s decision-making process. This also means making developers pay their fair share to ensure the County can fund the transit solutions that growth demands.

Growing Our Local Economy

Tom has focused on supporting small businesses throughout Montgomery County. He authored successful legislation to create a tax credit for small businesses in East County, created the annual Silver Spring-Takoma Park Restaurant Week, and is advocating for support for businesses impacted by Purple Line construction.

Taking Action on College Debt

Too many students are leaving college with massive amounts of debt. This hinders their ability to buy a home, start a business, pursue a graduate degree, or save money for retirement. That’s why Tom is seeking to establish a self-sustaining county Student Loan Financing Program to help residents refinance their loans at lower interest rates, saving them thousands of dollars without burdening the county budget.

Fighting for Equity and Justice

Tom believes that people deserve to have a fierce advocate championing their needs in every level of decision-making. That’s why he will continue to protect Montgomery County residents’ access to equal opportunity at every level of government and private industry.

Making Government Work for Everyone

Tom knows that in order to make effective public policy we need to be present in every corner of the community. That’s why he will continue to direct staff, time, and resources to community outreach efforts that give the diverse residents of District 5 an equal opportunity for their needs to be addressed.

Championing Health & Wellness for All

Tom believes Maryland and Montgomery County can lead the way in finally addressing our nation’s healthcare woes. That’s why he will continue to champion innovations and responsible policies that extend access to healthcare to every resident.

Supporting Emerging and Established Communities Across District 5

Montgomery County’s diverse, global community is one of our greatest assets. Tom will continue to both celebrate the contributions that immigrant communities are making through community organizations and local businesses, as well as supporting the County agencies and nonprofits that help meet the needs of local immigrant families. And as a member of the Public Safety committee, Tom will continue championing policies that help the County remain a welcoming place for immigrants of any status.

A National Model for Age-Friendly Communities

Montgomery County can and should be a national model for inter-generational communities. If re-elected, Tom will continue to champion the age-friendly policies and vital community organizations, nonprofits, and government agencies that help seniors age in place.