Day: November 18, 2015

CMs Todd & Hucker Meet on 16th Street Traffic Circle

Hucker and Todd 16th Street Traffic CircleToday, Montgomery County Councilmember Hucker and DC Ward 4 Councilmember Brandon Todd met in Silver Spring to coordinate efforts around the 16th Street Traffic Circle. The Traffic Circle has been the site of routine traffic and safety incidents for several years. Both representatives are in the first years of their respective terms, and they are looking at this problem with fresh perspectives, and a commitment to bring their respective jurisdictions together to make progress.

Earlier in the month Councilmember Todd’s office organized a site visit of the area with DC Department of Transportation, DC Department of General Services, and the Mayor’s Office. Councilmember Hucker’s office is also working to schedule a similar site visit with officials from Montgomery County Department of Transportation, and the Maryland State Highway Administration.

Both Councilmembers agreed to facilitate coordinating meetings with their offices as well as stakeholders from DC, Montgomery County, and the State of Maryland to discuss both immediate and long-term actions to improve pedestrian and vehicular safety at the 16th Street Traffic Circle.

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Big Victory on Early Voting

Big Victory on Early Voting

We did it. The State Board of Elections approved Montgomery County’s revised early voting plan. The new plan reversed the earlier decision by the GOP majority to eliminate early voting locations in some of our most diverse and vibrant communities and guarantees that all of our residents will have an opportunity to freely exercise their right to vote. Will you please chip in today so I can continue the fight to preserve voting rights for all Montgomery County residents?

I’m proud of everyone in Maryland who joined me and leapt into action to fight the misguided decision to eliminate early voting in East County and Bethesda, potentially disenfranchising thousands of voters. You were not silent when Republicans threatened to make it harder than ever to vote. You wrote letters, you signed petitions, you made phone calls, you attended rallies and you spoke to your neighbors and friends about why this issue is so important to our democracy.

This is your victory.

But I am not satisfied with this win. In Maryland and in Montgomery County, we should be clearing the way for more people to vote, not putting up more roadblocks. That’s why I was an original cosponsor of the early voting legislation in Annapolis, advocated for expanding early voting on Sundays and voted for legislation adding same-day voter registration. And that’s why I’m pushing for state legislation to allow automatic voter registration.

And I will keep fighting to make voting easier. With a population greater than six states and the District of Columbia, I firmly believe that having only nine early voting centers is insufficient and does not serve the voters of our County well. As soon as the General Assembly session begins in January, I will be pushing to increase the number of early voting locations.  Early voting reduces lines and gives more citizens a chance to be heard — especially those with work or family obligations that make it difficult to get to the polls on Election Day. And many of our communities – including Takoma Park – deserve their own early voting location.

We share the same values when it comes to voting: As an American your voice counts. And no matter what you look like, how much money you have or where you come from you have the right to vote. I will never stop fighting to put these values into action.

This was a big win in the effort to make voting easier for all citizens. Please pitch in today so we can continue this fight.



Human Trafficking Bill 39-15 Enacted

Human Trafficking Bill 39-15 Enacted

Today, Council Bill 39-15 was enacted by the Montgomery County Council by unanimous vote to help combat human trafficking. Councilmember Hucker introduced the legislation with Councilmember Craig Rice.

Councilmember Hucker made this statement after the bill’s passage, “Thanks to co-lead sponsor Craig Rice and all my other Montgomery County MD Council colleagues for their unanimous support of my legislation to establish a strong new disincentive to dry up the market for human trafficking in Montgomery County. We need to send a message to traffickers that they’re not welcome here, and today we did that. Thanks to the Montgomery County Police Department (Official), Archdiocese of Washington, Montgomery County Commission for Women, Safe Silver Spring, The Jewish Community Center of Greater Washington, Montgomery County NOW and all the other advocates!”

In recent years, Montgomery County has become a thriving location for human sex trafficking due to its location along the I-95 corridor, low crime rate, and high disposable income. Council Bill 39-15 gives Montgomery County Police the authority to issue civil or criminal citations to anyone looking to purchase sex in the county. The U.S. Department of Justice has found this demand-reduction approach to be effective at combating human trafficking.

The office is continuing to work with the Montgomery County Human Trafficking Task Force, advocacy groups, and stakeholders on other solutions to combat this pressing issue.