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Hucker: HomeServe deal not ‘a great look’ for WSSC

Hucker: HomeServe deal not ‘a great look’ for WSSC

Councilmember Tom Hucker took the county’s water utility to task at a recent committee meeting, saying it’s unwittingly steering ratepayers into buying underground pipe insurance from a company that’s been fined for misleading customers. During the council’s Transportation, Infrastructure, Energy and Environment Committee’s April 21 discussion of the Washington Suburban Sanitary… read more

Foreclosing lenders: Register or pay up

When a bank forecloses on a home, it’s not just a problem for the owner. It can mean bad news for the whole neighborhood. Councilmember Hucker interviewed by Channel 4 Too often, until they resell the house, banks and other lenders can make lousy neighbors. Sometimes they neglect the home, which can fall into disrepair. Rats and other pests may take up residence. Squatters can move in. The hom… read more

By Authority: Friends of Tom Hucker, Dennis Desmond, Treasurer.