Tom is the consensus choice of over 30 grassroots supporters and organizations including:

  • Environmental groups like the Sierra Club, Clean Water Action, and Green Democrats,
  • Educators like the Montgomery County Federation of Teachers, Montgomery County Public Schools Retirees Association, and SEIU Local 500
  • Immigrant groups, including CASA de Maryland, the Hispanic Democratic Club, the Ethiopian American Council, and the Coalition of Asian Pacific American Democrats
  • Womens groups, including Montgomery County NOW and NARAL
  • Montgomery County Professional and Volunteer Firefighters, Takoma Park Police, and the Montgomery County Police
  • Progressive Neighbors, Progressive Maryland, and the Progressive Democrats of America
  • Maryland Nurses Association and the Maryland chapter of the National Association of Social Workers
  • the Metro Washington AFL-CIO and unions representing workers at Montgomery County government, Giant, Safeway and CVS; the Washington Metro system; and many other employers.

He has also been endorsed by:

  • Governor Martin O’Malley
  • Comptroller Peter Franchot
  • Montgomery County Councilmember Marc Elrich
  • Montgomery County Councilmember George Leventhal
  • former Chair of Congressional Black Caucus Kweisi Mfume
  • Takoma Park leaders, including Councilmember Tim Male
  • our former County Councilmember Rose Crenca

Read below for what supporters are saying about their choice to represent District 5:

Governor Martin O’Malley
“As a former local elected official, I know that skill and experience affect your ability to get things done. And as a Democrat who grew up in Montgomery County, I know we need an effective, proven progressive leader on the Montgomery County Council. … Tom is highly qualified and will be ready on day one to grow the middle class and protect the most vulnerable individuals in Montgomery County.”

Kweisi Mfume, former Congressional Black Caucus Chair and NAACP President
“Tom Hucker is clearly one of the ablest legislators the state of Maryland has produced. He has been a proven champion for working families and all of our vulnerable populations. He will be a powerful and effective voice for fairness and inclusion on the Montgomery County Council and I am happy to support him.”

Marc Elrich, At-Large Councilmember and Takoma Park Resident 
“Tom Hucker is the experienced and effective policymaker that our students, teachers and parents really need on the County Council. I’ve watched Tom work for fifteen years. No other candidate comes close to Tom’s mix of accomplishments and understanding of how to bring people together to get things done. As a classroom teacher for 17 years and a County Councilmember for the last seven, I know he’s far and away the best qualified and the candidate we can trust to put our students, parents, and teachers first.”

Doug Prouty, President, Montgomery County Education Association
“Tom Hucker has been an outstanding advocate for public education in the Legislature and through his leadership with Progressive Maryland. I have had a close working relationship with Tom and am certain that he would be a voice for all of the students of District 5 on the County Council.”

Peter Franchot, Maryland Comptroller and Takoma Park resident
“Tom Hucker has a proven ability to bring people together, find common ground, and get things done. His  track record of effective leadership make him exactly who we need to advocate for progressive priorities, families, and small businesses. He is the local leader I trust to represent our District.”.

Senator Roger Manno, District 19
“In the Council District 5 race, no one better represents our issues,  reflects our values, and has more experience than Tom Hucker […] On issues that impact both Districts 19 and 20, I have had the honor of working closely with Tom these past 8 years in Annapolis. Not only has he been the most principled and effective State Delegate from our neighboring legislative district, but on many occasions, Tom has crossed over into District 19 to help us with issues that impact the greater Four Corners / University Boulevard community […] On every issue that matters to our community, Tom has been there for us, and has offered real progressive solutions to get it done.”

Tim Male, Takoma Park City Councilmember
“I’ve known Tom since I started work on the Council and he and his staff have responded quickly on almost every request I’ve made on behalf of Ward 2 residents.  I expect he will bring that same commitment to service to the County Council alongside of his ability to get legislation passed on living wages, worker protections for pregnant women, environment, fair job benefits, protection of our food supply and Chesapeake Bay and a host of other progressive priorities that will help Montgomery County become an even better place to live.  Tom follows through for people and he knows how to put together majorities to pass legislation. “

Korey Hartwich, former Vice-Chair, Silver Spring Citizens Advisory Board and District 5 resident
“In the election for County Council in District 5, Tom Hucker stands out as having the practical experience and a record of accomplishment that demonstrates how he will be an effective champion to improve our community, advance our progressive values, and move an agenda beneficial to all Montgomery County residents.”

Ed Terry, NARAL Pro-Choice Maryland PAC Chair
“No other candidate in this race has the demonstrated legislative skills and experience that women need to protect their interests on the Montgomery County Council. Tom not only has a 100% pro-choice voting record, he has been a tireless and effective champion of choice, maternal and infant health, and healthy pregnancies.”

Dan Furmansky, Equality Maryland Executive Director (2003-2008)
“Nearly a decade ago, I met a brilliant organizer named Tom Hucker, then-head of Progressive Maryland, and was struck at how skillful he was in placing economic justice at the forefront of conversations taking place in Montgomery County and Annapolis–and at the policy changes he achieved as a result of those conversations.

“I was thrilled when Tom encouraged me to affiliate the organization I led, Equality Maryland, into the family of labor and community groups that comprise Progressive Maryland. At the time, LGBT issues were kept at arms-length by most political leaders. Tom felt in his core that LGBT rights are human rights, and LGBT issues are working families issues. His leadership helped bring LGBT advocacy further into the political mainstream. And it paved the way for support from the broader labor, African American and progressive communities, which was ultimately key in building a strong coalition to achieve marriage equality in Maryland.”

Kate Planco Waybright, Progressive Maryland Executive Director and Silver Spring Resident
“Beyond being a great person who genuinely cares about people, Tom’s accomplishments on behalf of our communities are manifold. Tom has been a vocal advocate behind all of the recent progressive policies we hold dear, like the DREAM Act, marriage equality, offshore wind, greenhouse gas reduction, and healthcare reform. Tom was, of course, a leading voice for this year’s minimum wage raise – and you should also know that there are precious few legislators who take as much time as Tom to learn about the policies that will address income inequality.”

Terry Lierman, former Maryland Democratic Party Chair (2004-2007)
“I have wholeheartedly endorsed Tom Hucker for County Council because he is the skilled and inclusive leader we need on the Montgomery County Council. Tom has unparalleled experience and an extraordinary record of helping people, building bridges among diverse groups and moving communities and progress forward.”

Merle Cuttitta, President of SEIU Local 500
“For as long as our members have known and worked with Tom Hucker, he has been a steadfast supporter of our schools, our children and our community. Whether it was marriage equality, the Dream Act or funding education, Tom stood with us – and more importantly, he stood with the people of Montgomery County. He is an experienced leader on progressive issues and he has a track record of getting things done. We have no reservations about endorsing him for the Montgomery County Council.”

Joslyn Williams, President of the Metropolitan Washington Council, AFL-CIO
“For the last fifteen years, Tom has tirelessly worked to improve the lives of working families, from winning living wages for thousands of working families, to expanding pre-kindergarten, protecting pregnant workers, and helping lead the fight to raise the minimum wage. Tom has a record of getting things done and it is without hesitation that we offer him our full support and backing. Tom’s leadership and unwavering support for working families is the reason labor stands with him.”

Brock Cline, IAFF Local 1664 Executive Board Member and District 5 Resident
“Tom Hucker is the only candidate in this race that has demonstrated leadership skills and experience for getting things done.”

Lorig Charkoudian, Takoma Park Resident
“Tom has been a fantastic advocate for Takoma Park, and he has been quick to respond to our requests for help with Pepco, other utilities, and with state services. Beyond work on behalf of Takoma Park, Tom has been an effective champion of legislation that is helping to make Maryland a better place.”

Sareana Kimia, Student Member of the Democratic Central Committee
“Delegate Tom Hucker has been a proven progressive in Annapolis, who is dedicated to representing our values. Tom has worked on a variety of issues such as expanding Pre-K, securing & creating jobs, protecting the environment from harmful gasses, and much more. Tom has the background and working knowledge on diverse issues. He has demonstrated skill and dedication to getting things done constantly. Tom Hucker is exactly what we need on the County Council.”

By Authority: Friends of Tom Hucker, Dennis Desmond, Treasurer.