Fighting for new Forest Glen Metro entrance

Last year, I fought to include $20.2 million in our new six-year Capital Improvements Program to design and build another entrance to the Forest Glen Metro station. This entrance will be across Georgia Avenue, linked by an underground passageway.

As part of his midyear savings plan, our county executive wants to delay this project by two years, but I will do everything I can to make sure it remains on schedule.

Because this new entrance on the northeast corner of Georgia Avenue and Forest Glen Road will provide safer access to the Metro station, it will attract more people to use Metro — one of our most effective tools when it comes to cutting our carbon footprint and relieving congestion on our roads.

Right now, transit users, pedestrians and bicyclists cross Georgia Avenue and Forest Glen Road to access the Metro station. This project will not only facilitate use of Metro, but help all pedestrians who are just trying to cross eight lanes of high-volume traffic. That will vastly increase the walkshed of the station, which stretches to Holy Cross Hospital — a major employer in the area.

Together with the improvements outlined in the upcoming Montgomery Hills/Forest Glen Sector Plan, this project will help transform this area into a safer, pedestrian-friendly neighborhood that benefits commuters and other residents, drivers, bicyclists and businesses.
More information is here:; search for “passageway.”